• Man Covets Bird •

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I was commissioned by Slingsby Theatre Company to photograph & design the promotional image for Man Covets Bird, along with all other promotional material that accompanies such a production, from signage, invitations, banners, DVD artwork etc…

As a creative, working on Slingsby productions is an absolute treat. It’s incredibly inspiring to contribute to projects alongside such immense talent from various backgrounds such as playwrights, actors, musicians, directors, lighting designers, animators and many more.

A boy wakes to finds he has grown. He recognises the stranger in the mirror, but his parents, his town do not. Outside his childhood bedroom he finds a bird that cannot fly and together the strangers embark on adventures.

This is the story about their journey to the big city, what they find there, what they join in and what they make themselves. A story about flying from nests, birdsong, the nature of man and wild things and growing up.

From Slingsby, the award winning company that created the internationally acclaimed hit The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy, comes this enveloping world of pearly prose, lustrous live music, melancholia and sunshine.

Lovingly crafted for adults and children aged 10 and up.